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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 1/18/2018

Goodbye Graham Bloodworth

Jack and Ashley rush to the Athletic Club to try to save Dina from Graham. They find the door unlocked, Graham is on the floor with a syringe sticking in his arm, and Dina is nowhere to be found. Jack calls 911 and the paramedics take Graham to the ER, not sure if he’s going to make it.

Cane and Lily are in bed in their Paris hotel room, reminiscing about their good times together. In a series of flashbacks, we see their romance through time. Cane asks Lily if she can love Sam too. She says yes of course, and that Sam is innocent in all of this. Cane and Lily agree to stick together through better and worse.

Mariah searches for her lost journal, while Tessa is making progress on a new song. Tessa calls Devon to tell him that she has a new song for him. Devon invites Mariah to go with him to hear Tessa’s song, but she declines in order to avoid Tessa. Devon listens to Tessa’s new song, which is clearly taken straight from Mariah’s journal.

Hillary goes to the Chancellor mansion looking for Cane. She gets a frosty reception from Ester, who informs her that Cane has gone to Paris to get back together with Lily. When Ester sneezes, Hillary tells her that she shouldn’t be around preemie Sam, and offers to babysit for him while Ester goes to her herbalist for a cold remedy. Hillary takes the baby to Crimson Lights where she runs into Phyllis. Phyllis tells her how tough and yet wonderful it is to care for and nurture your own baby.

Dina shows up at the police station to turn herself in for the “murder of Brent Davis”, who has actually been dead for years. Jack and Ashley arrive at the police station to assure Paul that their mother is innocent where Graham is concerned, and Paul announces that they were actually interested in talking to Ashley about Graham, not Dina. The police found Ashley’s fingerprints on the syringe in Graham’s arm. Jack and Ashley explain why Graham had a syringe with Ashley’s fingerprints on it. The family is then called to the hospital where the doctor tells them that they did all they could to save Graham, but he’s only being kept alive by life support, and they need permission from his next of kin to take him off of it. Dina steps forward and says that as his wife, she gives permission.

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