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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 1/19/2018

Trouble Finds Tessa

Abby and Victoria chat online about signing the leases for Brash and Sassy Paris, a division of Brash and Sassy Europe. Victoria is distracted though by J.T.’s flirty texts.

Tessa and Devon are in the recording studio, recording her new hit single. The guilt for stealing Mariah’s journal is written all over her face. Devon agrees to let Tessa debut her new song on the Hilary Hour.

Mariah is searching the GC Buzz studio for her journal while questioning Hilary about her newfound interest in motherhood.

Mariah has to pre-interview Tessa about her new song so that Hilary can introduce it on her show. Tessa is very evasive about her inspiration. When Mariah walks away, Tessa drops Mariah’s journal on the floor at GC Buzz, as if it had been there all along.

At Victoria’s house, J.T. and Victoria can’t keep their hands off of each other. Victoria stops and says that they need to figure out where this relationship is going before they tell anyone. J.T. tells Victoria that he’s hoping that this turns into a more serious relationship between them.  After some debate, they decide to give romance a chance again. J.T. asks Victoria is she wants to help him find a place to live, since he’ll be sticking around. Victoria hands him a set of keys and asks him to move in with her.

Lily and Cane arrive back home from Paris. Cane is moving back in to the Ashby household with Lily, Charlie, and Mattie, which means that baby Sam will be moving in too.  Lily vents to Devon about how it’s going to be difficult to raise the baby of the woman who her husband cheated with. Charlie and Mattie are happy to have their family together under one roof again and welcome Sam into their home. Even Lily welcomes baby Sam when she cradles him in her arms at his new home.

Mariah finds her journal on the floor at GC Buzz and wonders if she’s going crazy. Tessa is singing her new song on a live episode of The Hilary Hour, when Mariah realizes that Tessa is singing the words from her journal.  Mariah stands up and yells at Tessa for stealing her journal and her words for her new song, on live tv! What will become of Tessa’s singing career…and Tessa’s and Mariah’s struggling friendship?

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