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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 1/22/2018

Farewell Dina?

J.T. arrives at Victoria’s house with his luggage so we assume that he has taken Victoria up on her offer to move in. J.T. and Victoria discuss how they are going to explain J.T. moving in, to the kids. When Billy and Phyllis drop the kids off at Victoria’s, Billy notices luggage by the door, furrows, and asks J.T. if he’s moving in. Billy and Victoria step away from the children and argue. Phyllis tells Billy that it’s a good thing to fill the house with more love (plus it separates Billy from Victoria even more, which bodes well for Phyllis). Victoria tells Billy that she has never been happier and she knows what she is doing. Billy gives her his blessing and leaves. Victoria and J.T. are enjoying a glass of wine on the sofa after Billy and Phyllis leave. One of the children calls Victoria upstairs. While she is upstairs and J.T. is alone, he pulls some kind of pill out of his luggage and washes it down with his wine. What is J.T. hiding?

Dina and the Abbott siblings are back at the Abbott home. Dina is very melancholy. Her children wonder if she is lamenting pulling the plug on Graham’s life support. They really don’t even know what she remembers or what time period she’s in at the moment. While Abby and Jack are video chatting, Abby suggests that Dina comes to Paris to stay with her for awhile. Traci agrees to accompany Dina. The siblings think it might be just what Dina needs to lift her spirits, but also worry about how rapidly she is declining. Dina packs and asks Jack, who she thinks is John, to help her with her bags. The Abbott sibs decide that Dina should go to Paris, and she leaves with Traci. With Dina’s departure, Jack and Ashley are free to battle it out again over who will run Jabot.

Mariah storms into GC Buzz, demanding that Hilary pull the segment from yesterday’s show, off the internet. Nosy Hilary wants to know more details about why Mariah is so upset about Tessa’s song and who those words might be about.

Back at Devon’s office, he grills Tessa about why Mariah was so upset and did Tessa steal Mariah’s exact words. Tessa explains that she might possibly have been inspired by a conversation that she could have had with Mariah at some point, when they were friends, but plays it off as if Mariah just has hard feelings about their friendship hitting the skids.

Devon questions Mariah about the song lyrics and Mariah explains that Tessa stole her journal. At first he defends Tessa, but then comes around to Mariah’s side. Mariah asks him not to release the song.

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