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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 1/23/2018

A New Man for Hilary?

Nick and Chelsea’s romantic evening is interrupted by a call regarding a maintenance emergency at the apartment building that he and Nikki bought. Nick stops in at Crimson Lights to get coffee for his maintenance crew. Sharon tells him what a great thing he’s doing for Cathy and her family and for everyone who lives in the apartment building.

Billy’s plans for a romantic evening with Phyllis change when she announces that they have a double date with someone. Hilary meets Billy and Phyllis at the Athletic club, awaiting the blind date that Phyllis arranged for her. The mystery date turns out to be Ravi, the young, handsome, software engineer. Billy doubts their compatibility, but Hilary and Ravi quickly hit it off.  Phyllis pulls Hilary aside to ask how she is feeling about Ravi. Hilary says he seems like a great guy but there are no sparks. Phyllis encourages her to give him a chance because he would make a great husband and father, and Hilary is dying to be a mother. Back at the dinner table, Billy blurts out that Hilary is ready to have kids right now and she’s looking for a baby daddy. While Phyllis is chastising Billy, Ravi lets Hilary know that he is not at that point in his life and ends the date. Hilary decides that she doesn’t want to have to find a man, so she will make her baby dream come true on her own.

Devon tells Tessa she had better be sure she didn’t plagiarize her new song from Mariah’s journal.

Nikki calls Victoria to tell her that Reed didn’t show up for court ordered community service. J.T. finds Reed hanging out with a girl at Crimson Lights and yells at him for not taking Community Service seriously. Back at home, Reed is venting about J.T. embarrassing him at the coffee house. Reed claims that he did extra hours of community service yesterday so that he didn’t have to go today and his phone died so he couldn’t reach them to tell them. J.T. and Victoria accept that answer and things calm down. They go on to tell Reed that J.T. has moved in and just as Reed starts to ask them questions about their relationship, Nikki and Victor arrive. Victoria and J.T. tell them that it’s time for Reed to leave the ranch and move back home….with his parents. Nikki and Victor are less than thrilled to hear that J.T. has moved in with Victoria, but they agree that they just want her to be happy. After Victor and Nikki leave, and while Victoria is upstairs tucking the children in, J.T. pops another pill.

Tessa admits to Mariah that she did read her journal, just to know what she was thinking, since Mariah wouldn’t talk to her anymore. Mariah shames Tessa for trying to blame the theft on her. Tessa says that she has feelings for Mariah, but won’t act on them because of Noah. Tessa begs Mariah to let her have this song for Devon’s sake.

Mariah is not backing down from Tessa. She shoves her journal in Devon’s face for him to read, so that she can prove once and for all, that Tessa stole her words. Devon agrees that some words are similar, but defends that Tessa wrote the music and put the song together, so it’s not really plagiarism. He asks Mariah if she would be happy with a co-writing credit and some royalties because he knew this song would be a big hit. What will Mariah’s next move be?

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