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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 1/24/2018

A Baby For Hilary?

Hilary meets with a doctor to discuss her options for having a baby on her own terms. The doctor recommends harvesting and freezing her eggs until she is ready to conceive, and then she can choose the father from a donor bank.  Later at the GCAC, Hilary is sitting at the bar, working on her laptop. Devon walks over and congratulates Hilary for moving on, and looking for love on a dating site. Hilary quickly explains that she is looking at prospective fathers on a sperm bank site.  Devon tries to discourage her from having a baby alone, reminding her that he grew up without a father when he really needed one. Hilary tells Devon that she’s had an offer from a company to buy her show. Devon asks if she’ll consider selling to him, because they make such a good team. Are Devon and Hilary destined to be together?

Jack and Ashley both meet with their respective attorneys at the Abbott house, plotting their strategies for taking control of Jabot. Later, they all meet in an office for arbitration. Ashley’s attorney beats Jack up over his change to the company bylaws, stating that only a blood Abbott can be CEO of Jabot. He questions why Jack never told Ashley about the change. Jack’s attorney asks Ashley for reasons why he isn’t qualified to run Jabot. She falls back on Jack’s desire to care for their mother and how he didn’t put the company first because of that. Ashley is furious when Jack fires back at her that she just wanted to stick Dina in a home, rather than caring for her own mother.  After all of the vitriol, the arbitrator tells them she will make a decision soon.

Chelsea is showering in their penthouse apartment when the water shuts off. They are in the middle of renovations and Nick has sent their contractor over to the apartment building to work. Chelsea seems to be getting a little frustrated by Nick being so wrapped up in his outside projects. Nick accidentally knocks a bottle of Chelsea’s perfume off of the vanity and it breaks on the floor. Chelsea gets upset about it and we later learn that it was a gift from Adam.

Chelsea stops in at Crimson Lights for coffee and ends up reminiscing with Sharon about Adam. They talk about how frustrating and unique Adam was. It’s clear though that they both loved him. Will Chelsea ever be able to love Nick as much as she loved Adam?

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