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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 1/26/2018

Can Noah Get Past Tessa’s Lies?

Devon tells Tessa that he is dropping her from his label because she panicked, made a bad decision, and stole from Mariah. He tells her that she can stay on as an assistant if she needs a paycheck.

Noah berates Mariah for trying to steal his girlfriend and keeping it from him. He gets even angrier when he finds out that Sharon knew what had happened. Sharon asks why he hasn’t talked to Tessa yet. She definitely holds some responsibility for this situation.

Traci gets back from Paris and tells Jack and Ashley how well Dina is doing in Paris. Jack and Ashley tell Traci about the results of the arbitration and tear each other down again. Ashley leaves the house with her attorney after announcing to Jack that she is meeting with him to find potential seed money donors to fund the new company that she is starting. She plans to be in direct competition with Jack and Jabot.

Nikki runs into J.T. at the hospital. He doesn’t give her any information about why he is there.  Nikki calls Victoria to tell her that she just saw J.T. there.

Ashley meets with Devon to talk to him about having the Hamilton-Winters group invest in her new company.

Victor finds out that Ashley has left Jabot and quickly arranges a meeting with Nikki and Ashley. Victor creates a position called Chief Innovation Officer, reporting directly to him, and offers it to Ashley. Will she accept?

Noah goes to his Dad to talk to him about the situation with Tessa. Nick encourages Noah to talk to Tessa before he throws something good away. Noah finds Tessa at Devon’s office, in tears because she has just lost her music career. Noah has little sympathy for her and wants to know why she never confided in him about things that were going on in her life. She explains that she just didn’t want to lose him, and that she loves him, not Mariah. Noah tells her that he can’t deal with the lies and secrets anymore and breaks up with her.

J.T. arrives home and Victoria immediately questions him about why he was at the hospital. J.T. tells her that he was there for his heart. He explains that his heart never fully recovered from a past electrocution. He takes medicine and sees a cardiologist regularly. He tells Victoria that he didn’t tell her about it because he didn’t want to appear as weak.

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