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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 1/30/2018

Sparks Fly Between Victoria and Ashley

Hilary tells Mariah that she is getting close to choosing a buyer for GC Buzz, while Mariah worries that she’ll be looking for a job if Hilary sells.

During renovations to their penthouse apartment, Nick found $250,000 hidden in a wall. He and Chelsea wonder if it was Adam who put it there. Nick calls the police to have the money checked out. They determine that the money is ok and should go to Adam’s next of kin which is Chelsea.

Victoria gets back into town after being gone 24 hours, walks into her office and finds Ashley sitting at her desk. Ashley announces that she is now working for Newman, and that she will be overseeing Brash and Sassy. Victoria is furious and calls her dad. Victor tries to convince Victoria that hiring Ashley is a good business move, while Victoria thinks he just wanted to get back at Jack.

Ashley tells Victoria that Victor told her to use her office because he thought she would be out of town longer. She just needs a space while they are setting up her new office.

Victoria goes home and vents to J.T. about her dad hiring Ashley. Victor shows up at their front door, wondering why she left the office early and thinks they should have a chat .Victoria tells him that it’s cruel that he would give her favorite division to Ashley. He explains that he has always been grooming her to take his place one day.

Hilary meets with Devon about his bid for GC Buzz. She tells him that she has bids that are much higher than his. He says that his budget it already stretched but he would keep her staff and help her to make her dreams come true if she accepts his bid. Will Hilary sell to Devon? Will they rekindle their relationship?


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