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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 1/31/2018

Could Adam Still Be Alive?

Chelsea and Nick discuss ways to spend their newfound windfall. Chelsea wants to pay for Nick to take “handyman” lessons. After Nick leaves for his lesson with the contractor, Chelsea throws a couple stacks of cash into her handbag and quickly leaves their apartment.

Cane gets pulled away from home so Lily offers to watch Sam again. Later in the day, Cane pulls up a link to a camera he has at home and sees Lily cradling and singing to Sam. He smiles, but then Lily starts crying and puts Sam down in his cradle. Cane blows off the client he was waiting for and races home. Lily says that she just had an emotional moment. Cane tells Lily that they need to make sure they are strong as a couple before they can be a strong family altogether, and asks her to go on a date with him. Nanny in place, the couple heads to the movies.

Mariah wants to know if Hilary sold GC Buzz and if she has a job anymore, when Devon shows up to introduce himself as the new owner. Oh, and Tessa is with him. Mariah tells Hilary that this is a bad idea and tries to get her to change her mind. Hilary says this is a great opportunity for her, and she signs the contract with Devon.

Jack barges into Ashley’s office at Jabot, as she’s packing up. He tells her to turn her badge in and that she’s no longer welcome at the company. He’s obviously livid that she  is working for Victor now. Jack can’t understand why she would want to work at Newman. She explains that it’s a great opportunity, and Victor has treated her better than Jack has, since he has also known about her true paternity for years, but never used it against her.

Hilary shows up at Jabot to tell Jack that she sold GC Buzz. He thanks her for sticking another knife in his back. Jack is worried that Devon will insist on advertising Newman products on a show that he sponsors. Hilary promises that will never happen and that she will always have an allegiance to Jack.

Phyllis and Lauren are trying to get Jack’s attention to put more resources into Fenmore’s.

Victor crosses paths with Tessa and warns her to never cause problems for a Newman ever again.

Ravi stops in to Ashley’s office to say goodbye as she’s packing. She asks him to try to be Jabot’s moral compass and not get involved in any of Jack’s crazy schemes.

Jack and Victor end up sitting by each other at the bar in the Athletic Club. Victor is ready for vitriol from Jack, but the only thing Jack has to say is a request to treat his sister well.

Mariah and Noah, who have been at war with each other since Noah found out about the Tessa kiss, bump into each other and have a sibling bonding moment. Mariah tells Noah that she is now forced to work with Tessa since Devon bought GC Buzz. Noah feels a little bad for her and takes her to the movies.

Lauren learns that there is an online company posing as Fenmore’s and selling Chelsea 2.0 knock-offs. She is furious and vows to figure out who is ripping her off.

Chelsea visits Adam’s memorial in the dark of night. She unscrews the face plate and puts the cash inside. Who is the cash for? Could Adam be alive?? Does Chelsea have something to do with the on-line scam? Is that where the stacks of cash came from?

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