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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 2/1/2018

Nikki “Opens the Door” For Ashley

Cane creates a mini Paris at home to rekindle his romance with Lily. Meanwhile Lily misses a call from Ashley.  Cane asks Lily to spend the day with him. After a massage and new diamond bracelet, Cane asks Lily to renew their vows and she says yes!

Nikki calls Ashley and asks her to meet at the club. Ashley thinks that Nikki is planning to try to convince her to turn down the job at Newman. In actuality, Nikki tells Ashley that she will be a great asset to the company and she should feel free to get as close to Victor as she wants to! Nikki explains that she and Victor no longer have a traditional marriage, but more of an arrangement so she will not get jealous if Victor and Ashley rekindle old feelings. Ashley is shocked! Ashley tells Nikki thank you, but she is NOT interested in rekindling anything with Victor.

Nick wants to make sure Chelsea banked the cash. Chelsea tells him that the money is safe, but doesn’t ever say that she “banked” it. Then Phyllis shows up at their apartment to let them know about the trouble with Chelsea 2.0. Phyllis vows to figure out who is stealing from them and will keep Chelsea informed.

Devon calls Mariah to come to his office for a company meet and greet now that he has purchased GC Buzz. She tries to get out of it but eventually acquiesces. When she arrives, it turns out that Devon only asked Mariah and Tessa to be there, so they can talk and fix their relationship. Tessa apologizes to Mariah for stealing from her and breaking their relationship. She asks if they can just start over. Mariah seems amenable to that.

Reed and J.T. have yet another argument. Reed is unhappy that his mom and dad moved in together without even talking to him about it first. J.T. turns around and angrily calls Victoria because she hasn’t checked in with him as promised when she went on another business trip. Later in the day, J.T. crosses paths with Phyllis at Crimson Lights. He ends up venting to her about Reed, how things are going with Victoria, and how unhappy he is with the menial jobs that Billy and Cane give him at Chancellor.  Phyllis tells him that it’s all going to get better. Then she offers J.T. a side job. She wants him to help investigate the Chelsea 2.0 situation.

Ashley bumps into Lily at the Club and fills her in on her new position at Newman, and asks if Lily wants to be on her team. Lily jumps at the chance to work with her.



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