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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 2/12/2018

Will Victor Protect Chelsea?

Phyllis and Nick take the face plate off of Adam’s memorial but there is nothing inside to prove that Chelsea is doing anything wrong.

Victor tells Chelsea that he knows about Alexandra West and asks her why she is stealing money from Fenmore’s. Chelsea tries to explain it away as her back-up plan in case there is ever an emergency where she needs cash. Victor threatens to expose her if she doesn’t stop.

Gloria asks Jack what she is supposed to tell reporters who are asking what will happen to Jabot’s research and development, now that Ashley has left the company. Jack tells her that he has a plan to make sure they are better than ever. Jack hired “Helen Wallace”, a chemist from a west coast competitor.

Nick asks Chelsea about the threatening texts that she has been receiving. Chelsea explains them away. Nick asks her why she was at the cemetery last night and why she lied about it. Chelsea says that she went to the cemetery to feel Adam’s presence and to thank him for leaving her the money, and she didn’t tell Nick because she didn’t want him to think that she wasn’t over Adam. Nick tells her that going forward, he wants to know everything.

J.T. stops by the Abbott house to reminisce with Traci about Colleen, since it’s Colleen’s birthday. Victoria calls J.T. while he’s with Traci and Victoria jokingly asks him to ask Traci if she knows anything about Ashley’s plan to dominate Newman. J.T. hangs up on Victoria! J.T. and Traci talk awhile longer and J.T. tells her that if she ever needs anything, to just call.

Victor meets with Lauren in his office and tells her that he checked into the fake Chelsea 2.0 site. Then he presents her with a briefcase full of cash and tells her that all of the money that was stolen from her is in that case, and she can have it if she doesn’t ask any questions. Victor assures her that the guilty party will never try to steal from her again, and they consider the matter closed.

Victoria meets with Nick to vent to him about things not going so well in her relationship with J.T. She thinks that J.T. never really got over Colleen so he’s having a hard time having a relationship with her. Victoria thinks that J.T. is hiding something and vows to figure out what it is, even if she doesn’t like what she finds.

Lauren tells Phyllis about her meeting with Victor and getting the money back. Phyllis says that Victor’s involvement proves that she’s right about Chelsea, and she is not letting this go. She vows that once she’s done with Chelsea, Nick will be too.


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