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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 2/13/2018

Will Chelsea and Nick Split?

Victoria suggests to Victor that Ashley might just be a plant to spy on Newman Enterprises.

Ashley finds out that Jack has already replaced her.

Nick is pensive about what to write in Chelsea’s Valentine card. Chelsea suggests that they “celebrate” Valentine’s Day early and he tries to put her off by saying that he has a meeting with his contractor, but Chelsea wears him down and they make love.

Phyllis tells Billy about Victor giving money to Lauren in exchange for her dropping the investigation into the Chelsea 2.0 scam. She also tells him that she isn’t backing down until she proves it was Chelsea. Billy warns her to back off now that they know that Victor is involved.

Devon and Hilary butt heads over the “vision” for her show. Devon wants Hilary to showcase his new artist “Simone”. He also wants Mariah to handle all musical segments on her show, which Hilary is unhappy about. Hilary goes off on Devon and wants to know if he bought her show out of revenge because he wants to change everything. She stops mid rant and wonders if she’s so emotional because she might be pregnant.

Gloria warns Jack about hiring Helen Wallace because she knows how he is around beautiful women. As they are talking, Helen Wallace arrives for her first day at Jabot. She gives Gloria her very complicated coffee order as Gloria rolls her eyes.

At the coffee house, Nick vents to Phyllis about how her guesswork and speculation is messing with his head and asks her to stop accusing the woman that he loves, and back off. She begs for more time so he agrees to give her 48 hours to find proof, and storms off. Sharon walks in as he is leaving. Phyllis tells her that Nick is too trusting of people he loves. Later on, Chelsea stops in for coffee and learns from Sharon that Nick met Phyllis at the coffee house earlier, when he was supposed to be meeting with his contractor.

Ashley closed a deal to acquire a company that Newman had been in talks with but hadn’t been able to close. Victor is impressed but Victoria is very annoyed.  Victoria asks Billy to fill her in on why Ashley didn’t get the top job and ended up leaving Jabot. Billy tells her that it’s a sensitive family matter but does tell her that Jack wanted Ashley back at Jabot.

Phyllis asks Lauren for some of the cash from Victor so that she can take it to the police and match the serial numbers up against the money that Nick took to the police, so they can prove that it’s the same money. Phyllis calls J.T. to ask him for discreet help from the Genoa City Police, because they don’t want Victor to find out that they are still investigating.

When Nick gets home, Chelsea confronts him about meeting Phyllis and lying about it, right after they made love and he made her believe that he trusted her and everything was ok. Nick explains that he told Phyllis that he loves Chelsea and wants to believe in her. But when Nick tells her to look him in the eye and tell him she wasn’t involved in the scandal, Chelsea says maybe they shouldn’t be together if he doesn’t believe her.

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