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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 2/14/2018

Will Billy Pop the Question?

The show opens with all of the couples on the show preparing for Valentine’s Day.

Lily rings Chelsea’s doorbell incessantly until Chelsea answers, then runs in and tells Chelsea that she needs help with her dress that she’s wearing to renew her vows with Cane. She has 2 dresses, 1 from each of her previous weddings to Cane. Chelsea tells her that she will help her combine the 2 dresses and make something fabulous.

J.T. and Victoria arrive at the Top of the Tower which is decorated for a formal Valentine party. Billy and Phyllis are the next to arrive. Then Hilary shows up alone so they invite her to join them. Phyllis corners J.T. to ask him if he was able to match the serial numbers on the cash she gave him to the cash that Nick and Chelsea had taken to the police to check. Billy has a surprise for Phyllis. Will he propose?

Lily arrives back at home with her altered dress and sees that Cane has set up a beautiful flowered arch for them to get married under.

Victor and Nikki arrive together at the Valentine party. Victor whisks Victoria away from J.T. to talk business for a few minutes then Victor and Nikki make the rounds at the party.

Hilary and Devon dance together at the party, while Devon’s new artist Simone sings. Devon lets Hilary know that he and Simone are dating and Hilary quickly excuses herself.

Nick and Chelsea show up at the party together. When they see Phyllis across the room, Nick offers to take Chelsea someplace else, but she says she has nothing to hide and wants to stay. Nick and Chelsea toast to their love and seem happy. While dancing together, Chelsea tells Nick that she knows he still has some doubts about her and that she hasn’t been totally honest. She tells Nick that Jordan was the one who created the phony website and he met with her at the coffee house that day to ask her if she wanted to be part of it. Nick tells Chelsea that he believes her and they profess their love for each other.

J.T. comes back from the bar to see Billy and Victoria dancing and gets jealous. J.T. tells Victoria that he’s tired and ready to go home.

Lily and Cane renew their vows, witnessed by Charlie, Mattie, and Sam.

Billy’s big surprise for Phyllis turns out to be the key to a little red sports car that she had been wanting. Phyllis acts thrilled in front of Billy, but once he walks away, she seems disappointed that she didn’t receive a proposal.

When J.T. and Victoria get home, he expresses his unhappiness to her about how she spent time working and hanging out with Billy and barely paid any attention to him all evening, then he storms out of the house and slams the door.

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