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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 2/15/18

Gotcha Chelsea!

Phyllis goes to Victor’s office to ask him about the money he gave to Lauren. Phyllis asks who stole the money. Phyllis wants to know if it was Chelsea and why he would cover for her. Victor admits to nothing.

J.T. runs into Victoria at Crimson Lights after sleeping at the Athletic Club last night. He wants to talk about what happened but Victoria is late for a meeting and doesn’t want to talk.

Victoria runs into Jack in Chancellor Park. They agree to work together to get Ashley out of Newman. Victoria’s idea is to play up the idea she planted in Victor’s head about Ashley being a spy for Jabot. She and Jack know that’s not true, but they’re hoping to make Victor paranoid enough to let Ashley go. Jack explains to Victoria that he wants to do this to make things right for Ashley.

Nick and Chelsea have some family bonding time with the boys and all seems right in their world again. They all go to Crimson Lights together and when Nick takes the kids to get cocoa and cookies, Victor slips in and pulls Chelsea aside. He wants to make sure that Chelsea has stopped her nefarious activities. He warns her to put family first and stay away from anything illegal.

J.T. and Victoria talk later at the office. Victoria is upset that J.T. unleashed on her last night and accused her of having feelings for Billy. He apologizes and says he knows better and that Victoria is all he wants. Victoria apologizes too for not making him feel like a priority. They forgive each other, kiss and make up.

Noah meets with Victor to tell him that he has decided he wants to be more like Victor and Victoria, rather than like his dad. Victor is happy to hear that and pulls an envelope out of his desk and hands it to Noah. It’s an assignment for Noah and if he does well, “the sky is the limit”. After that Noah goes to see Nick to tell him that he has changed and invites him to the Top of the Tower tomorrow night for an announcement.

Chelsea and Nick canoodle on the couch and Chelsea asks Nick to marry her.

Ashley gives Victoria the paperwork for the deal that she brokered with the smaller cosmetics company, for her review. Victoria later meets with Jack and gives him the paperwork. They are setting Ashley up to make it look like she gave Jack inside information into Newman business.

J.T. meets Phyllis to tell her that after calling in a big favor with Paul, he did find out that the serial numbers on Nick and Chelsea’s money, match the serial numbers on the money that Victor gave Lauren. Phyllis now has her proof that Chelsea is guilty.



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