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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 2/16/18

Will Phyllis Finally Back Off?

Nick says yes to Chelsea and puts a ring on her finger. She takes it back off for their family meeting at the Top of the Tower. She decides to put it back on, but won’t flaunt it. If anyone asks, they will announce their engagement, but maybe nobody will notice.

Phyllis shows Billy the records showing that Chelsea is guilty and tries to decide how to expose her for the thief that she is. Phyllis thinks she might expose Chelsea on the Hilary hour. Billy tells her not to do that because she doesn’t have all of the facts and maybe Victor is framing her.

Nikki follows up with Lily on their conversation about Ashley and Victoria. She tells Lily that Victor seems to be happy that those 2 are in competition.

The Newman family files in for the family dinner and announcement. Sharon tells Noah that Mariah couldn’t come because she is sick. Noah doesn’t believe it and thinks that Mariah is just avoiding him. Noah announces that he has accepted a position at Newman in the Mumbai office. Sharon and Nick try to talk him out of it, to no avail. As Nikki begins a toast to Noah, Sharon cries out when she notices the giant diamond on Chelsea’s finger. Nick and Chelsea announce their engagement and their plans to adopt each other’s sons after the wedding, so that the boys will be brothers. In actuality they are already brothers, but nobody knows that but Victor and Chelsea. Nikki and Noah congratulate the happy couple, while Sharon and Victor are less than pleased.

While Hilary is sitting at the bar at the Athletic Club, a handsome stranger comments on how beautiful she is. Hilary recognizes him as her “donor” from the sperm bank. When he propositions her, she tells him to take off. Devon notices the encounter from across the room and comes over to console her.

Privately, Sharon criticizes Chelsea for proposing to Nick when she was just talking about not being over Adam.

Victor tells Chelsea that he knows that she is just doing this as a legality, and not because she loves Nick. He threatens her happily ever after. When Victor walks away and Nick returns to the table, Chelsea suggests that they get married right away. Then Phyllis and Billy show up at the Top of the Tower to crash the party.

Billy tries to talk to Chelsea alone to find out if she is truly guilty but notices the ring on her finger and the subject is changed. Chelsea tells him that Nick obviously believes her and he should too. Billy goes back to his table and tells Phyllis the news. Billy tries to convince Phyllis to let this go.

Sharon talks to Nick about this marriage being what he really wants. Nick tells her that Chelsea just beat him to the proposal and this is the next logical step for their relationship.

Phyllis tells Chelsea about the irrefutable proof that she has that she is guilty of the Chelsea 2.0 scam. She gives Chelsea an out by telling her that she won’t turn her in, if Chelsea will break off her engagement to Nick and walk away from him so he doesn’t get hurt. Chelsea tells Phyllis that she would be destroying Nick for reasons that she can’t even fathom. Chelsea explains that Nick isn’t Christian’s father. Adam is. Then she goes on to tell her that if she continues her crusade against Chelsea, that Nick is going to find out about Christian and it would destroy him.  Will Phyllis back off?

Devon sits down at his desk to do some work and stumbles across a file of Hilary grilling Juliet about her affair with Cane.  Will this undo the progress that Devon and Hilary have made in their friendship since the divorce?

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