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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 2/2/2018

Who is Alexandra West?

At the Hamilton-Winters Group office, Devon is discussing his calendar with Tessa, when Hilary shows up with boxes of her things, wanting to know where her office will be. Devon and Hilary argue over her having an office there and an executive position at his company. Later on, she tells Devon that her bad mood is due to her feeling bad about going through fertility treatments and this whole baby process alone.

Nikki stops by Victoria’s house to check in on Reed while Victoria is out of town.  He vents about his dad always being on his case. Nikki tells him to kill J.T. with kindness and make the effort to get along with him.

J.T. lets Phyllis know that he has tracked down the name “Alexandra West”, the owner of the website that is posing as Fenmore’s and selling Chelsea 2.0 clothing.

Chelsea sits on her sofa at home, in tears.

Nick gets a bid for electrical work on the apartment building that is a lot higher than what he originally planned. He argues with the contractor because he thinks he’s being ripped off because he’s a Newman. Nikki shows up and assures Nick that she will take care of it. She takes the contractor, Arturo, to lunch and negotiates a lower price. Then she rents a room at the Athletic Club and takes the contractor upstairs with her!

Back at home, J.T. gets his guitar out and bonds with Reed. Reed didn’t know that J.T. used to be a musician.

Phyllis meets with Chelsea to tell her that J.T. had made some progress on the Chelsea 2.0 scam and asks her if she recognizes the name Alexandra West. Chelsea says she doesn’t recognize the name but she will look through her contact list.

We see “Alexandra West” go to the bank, where the banker knows her well. She withdraws all of her money and closes her account. Alexandra West is Chelsea in disguise.

J.T. is searching online for anything tying to Alexandra West. He finds her bank account in Genoa City, just as it is being closed. He races to the bank to demand information, where the bank manager tells him that he will need a warrant.

While searching for a place to stash Hilary’s things, Mariah discovers that Tessa has been living in Devon’s office at night.  When she questions Tessa about her living arrangements since breaking up with Noah, Tessa claims that she is renting a room nearby.

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