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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 2/20/2018

Will Phyllis and Sharon Uncover the Truth About Christian’s Paternity?

Phyllis gets Sharon to work with her to try to prove Christian’s paternity. They are trying to figure out a way to get Adams’s DNA and decide to enlist the help of Kevin, who they know tends to operate outside of the law. Kevin tells Phyllis that no amount of money is worth messing around with encrypted police files. Phyllis tells him that she needs Adam’s DNA to bring Chelsea down, so Kevin thinks about it, but says no. Later on though, he gives her passwords to the GCPD database, but they have to use a GCPD computer. Since Sharon volunteers at the Crisis Hotline, she has access.

J.T. runs into Kevin at Crimson Lights and they sit down to catch up. J.T. tells him that he came back to town to investigate Victor for embezzlement but he didn’t find anything. Kevin knows he’s off the hook then for helping Nikki embezzle that money. Kevin suggests that J.T. might want his old “head of IT” job at the GCPD. J.T. doesn’t want a desk job but says that he wouldn’t mind being a detective.

Mariah and Kevin catch up over coffee. Kevin gives her a pep talk about how there is somebody out there for her.

J.T. meets with Paul at the police station to tell him that everything is going well as he is working undercover at Newman!  A flashback shows that Christine and Paul knew that Nikki was embezzling the money and J.T. was covering for her. They agreed to keep Nikki out of prison if J.T. would work undercover for them by spying on Victor. They know he is guilty of some illegal business dealings and want to bring him down. J.T. agrees under the condition of Paul getting him a job with the police department or Christine getting him a job with the FBI.

Lily meets with Victoria to tell her about the evidence they have that Hilary put Juliet up to the sexual harassment suit. Victoria is furious because she wouldn’t have had to give Juliet the huge payoff and she wouldn’t have lost Brash and Sassy.

Later while Cane and Lily are having dinner at the Top of the Tower, Victoria walks over to apologize to Cane for not believing him when he denied the sexual harassment suit.

Hilary shows up at the Top of the Tower and Victoria confronts her about the lie she perpetuated, and tells her that she should be ashamed.

Sharon is able to get Adam’s DNA report through the GCPD and she and Phyllis verify that Adam is truly Christian’s father, not Nick.

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