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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 2/21/2018

Will Sharon Tell Nick the Truth About Christian?

Nick is running down the list of wedding plans that he has set for July when Chelsea gives him a pouty face because that’s so far away. Nick offers to call the church to see if they can get an earlier date. He finds out that they can get married on March 26 and Chelsea agrees.

Sharon is staring at a picture of Christian on her phone when Mariah walks up and grabs her phone. She wants to know why Sharon is staring at a picture of Nick’s son. Sharon explains it away as missing the days when she was “Sully’s” mom.

Phyllis is debating with Billy, whether or not to tell Nick the truth about Christian and save him from Chelsea’s lies, or just let him live his life and let him think he’s Christian’s father. Billy is afraid Nick will hate her either way.

Hilary tells Tessa that Devon is upset with her and can’t even stand to look at her. Tessa tells her that Devon informed her that any communication from Hilary must go through her, not him.

J.T. asks Victoria for a “do-over” for Valentine’s Day with a dinner at the Top of the Tower, which she thinks is a great idea. When they get there, they realize that J.T. messed up their reservation so they find someplace else to go. They get hot dogs from a street vendor and end up back at home. While basking in the “afterglow” on the living room couch, J.T. questions Victoria about one of their divisions that seems to be highly profitable lately. Victoria is proud of him for taking his job so seriously but doesn’t answer his question. They officially say I love you to each other.

Chelsea meets Phyllis at the Top of the Tower to see where she stands with Phyllis. Phyllis tells her she has nothing to worry about…for now, but she is still looking for a way to nail Chelsea without hurting Nick. Chelsea threatens Phyllis not to back her into a corner.

Tessa sees Nick at Crimson Lights and walks over to thank him for allowing her to live in his low rent apartment building. She learns from Nick that Noah has accepted a job overseas with Newman Enterprises and seems stunned that Noah left.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon has a hard time interacting with Nick, knowing what she knows about Christian. He can tell that something is bothering her, but she explains it away as stress from school. Nick tells Sharon that he and Chelsea have moved their wedding date up and that they are working on adopting each other’s sons. Sharon almost tells Nick about Christian but Phyllis walks in and stops her. Sharon doesn’t want to lie to Nick but Phyllis convinces her that letting Nick be Christian’s father is the best thing for Nick.

Hilary bears her soul to Billy over drinks and admits that she put Juliet up to the sexual harassment suit because she was trying to hurt “perfect” Lily. Billy advises her to show Victoria, Devon, Lily, and Cane that she has changed, rather than telling them.

Nick and Chelsea have drinks at the Top of the Tower and Nick wonders aloud what Sharon wanted to talk to him about. Chelsea freaks out a little but tells him not to worry about it because Sharon will probably just vent to Mariah about whatever it was.

On the Hilary Hour, Hilary brings up the topic of lying and apologizes for the lies that she has told that have caused pain for other people. As she is apologizing, we see a cut to the different people of Genoa City who are watching and contemplating their own lies and secrets. While cleaning up Crimson Lights after closing time, Sharon sees the show and it prompts her to call Nick to tell him about Christian. Nick answers the phone but before Sharon can tell him, we see a black gloved hand holding a metal coffeepot and Sharon falling to the floor unconscious. I guess the secret will be kept a little longer.

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