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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 2/22/2018

Goodbye Chelsea?

The show opens with Nick asking Sharon if she is still on the line, while Chelsea stands over an unconscious Sharon, picks up her phone and hangs it up.

Phyllis and Billy are sitting on their couch watching Hilary’s apology to the world and Billy tells her that he was the mastermind behind Hilary’s apology.

Nikki walks into Crimson Lights and finds Sharon on the floor. While Nikki is calling 911, Chelsea sneaks out, undetected.

Victor is bonding with Christian and Connor at the ranch.

Nick goes to Crimson Lights to find out what happened to Sharon and finds the paramedics tending to her. He asks Nikki what happened but she doesn’t know. Meanwhile, Chelsea is back at home, packing a suitcase.

Nick and Nikki go to the hospital to wait for news about Sharon.  Nikki tells him that the paramedics told her they could tell that Sharon had been hit from behind. Nick wonders who would want to hurt Sharon.

Hilary explains to Mariah why she did the “apology” show. She is hoping to start repairing the damage that she did to so many people from encouraging Juliet to lie about Cane. Mostly she is hoping to hear from Devon.

Nick calls Mariah to let her know about Sharon.

Hilary commiserates with Phyllis about how everyone is upset with her. She changes the subject and asks about Phyllis’s investigation of Chelsea. Phyllis tells her how she and Sharon worked together, but won’t pursue the case. Hilary tells Phyllis that Sharon is in the hospital because she was attacked.

The doctor comes out to tell Mariah that there is no brain damage but she does have a brain injury and could still be unconscious for awhile. Paul walks into the hospital to tell them that according to the crime scene, it looks like a robbery.

Chelsea leaves a note for Nick and grabs her suitcase to leave, when Phyllis angrily knocks on her door shouting that she knows what Chelsea did to Sharon. Phyllis tells her that she needs to come clean with Nick before Sharon wakes up and tells him. Chelsea still doesn’t open the door so Phyllis gets the building manager to let her in. While Phyllis is in the apartment looking for Chelsea, Chelsea sneaks out, suitcase in hand. Is this the last we will see of Chelsea?

Devon sits down with Hilary to tell her that the Hilary Hour is not supposed to be used for airing her dirty laundry, and gives her a warning not to do it again. He tells her to stop wasting her time trying to get him to forgive her because it’s not going to happen.

Mariah sits by Sharon’s bedside in the hospital, begging her to wake up and telling her how much she needs and loves her. Nick takes a turn talking to her too, and then Sharon wakes up.

Meanwhile Nikki has gone home to take care of Christian and Connor. When she arrives, Victor greets her and tells her that he is going out for awhile. After he leaves, someone rings the doorbell. Nikki opens the door to find Chelsea, who has come to pick up the boys.

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