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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 2/23/2018

Chelsea Breaks Nick’s Heart

Nikki tells Chelsea that she has already put the boys to bed for the night and wonders why Chelsea is there to take them. Chelsea explains that she and Nick are planning to take them on a sledding trip the next day so plans have changed and she wants to pick them up. Nikki is suspicious and tells Chelsea that she doesn’t think she’s telling the truth about why she’s taking the boys. Nikki thinks Chelsea doesn’t want the boys spending time with Victor and Chelsea assures her that’s not true.

In the hospital, Nick asks Sharon why she had called him before she was hit over the head but before she can answer, he wants to talk to her about what she remembers about being hit over the head at Crimson Lights.

Phyllis shows up at the hospital to talk to Nick and Sharon. She tells Nick that she thinks Chelsea knocked Sharon out and is making a run for it with the boys. Nick gets angry with her and doesn’t believe her. Nick orders Phyllis to leave. Phyllis calls Victor to see if he has the boys. Victor finds out that Chelsea picked the boys up and looks alarmed, but tells Phyllis to stay out of his family’s business. Victor locates Chelsea because he had a GPS put on her car.

Phyllis busts into Sharon’s hospital room and tells her that she suspects that Chelsea is the one who hit her over the head. Sharon doesn’t believe that Chelsea could be violent. Phyllis encourages her to lie to the police and tell them she thinks Chelsea did this so that the police will pick her up for questioning. Sharon won’t lie. Mariah tells Phyllis and Nick to leave because Sharon doesn’t need this drama.

Paul visits Sharon to tell her that they have no suspects for the “robbery” and to ask her if she remembers anything.

Victor walks up to Chelsea’s car, opens the door, and finds Chelsea’s old pal Jordan, sitting in the front seat. He tells Victor that Chelsea sold her the car and the only thing she told him was that she had to get out of town.

While driving out of town with the boys in the back seat, Chelsea reflects on moments that she has had with Nick in the past. She is torn up by the fact that she’s hurting him so badly by taking the boys and leaving.

Phyllis shows up at the ranch and asks Nikki if she can see Victor. Victor walks in minutes later and shakes his head, indicating that he didn’t find Chelsea and the boys.

Victoria is heading up to bed when someone rings her doorbell. She opens the door and Christian is on her doorstep, alone. She calls Nick to tell him about it. As Nick is heading out the door to go get Christian, he notices the note that Chelsea left him. Along with the note is Chelsea’s engagement ring. Nick sits down to read her letter. She explains that she did set up the phony Chelsea 2.0 site and steal the money because she was raised to have a back-up plan, and will never be able to escape her past. She apologizes for taking Christian and Connor but took them both because they have grown so close and she didn’t want them to have to live without each other. She said that she would rather live with the pain and guilt of what she has done, than go to prison, and she won’t ask for his forgiveness. She ends the letter by telling Nick that she really did love him and always will.

Chelsea is on the phone with someone telling them that she is on her way, and it will just be Connor and her.


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