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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 2/26/2018

Can Sharon Keep a Secret From Nick?

Sharon wakes up in the hospital and tries to get Mariah to get the doctors to let her go home. Mariah fills Sharon in on how caring and attentive Nick was when Sharon was brought to the hospital.

Victor and Nikki are talking about Chelsea taking off with Connor. Victor announces that the police are looking in a 500 mile radius for her. Victor promises to get his grandson, Adam’s son, back.

Nick is at the apartment talking to Christian about how it’s just the 2 of them now.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis and Hilary have breakfast and discuss their disbelief over Chelsea taking off. Hilary also tells Phyllis that she has lost Devon forever this time. Phyllis vows to help her get Devon back if she wants him but Hilary doesn’t want to try to manipulate him.

Hilary sits at her laptop scrolling through potential sperm donors because she has decided to try to get pregnant again. She has a horrifying daydream about giving birth and the “father” keeps the baby. Then she has another one about the “father” being arrested for murder. Hilary decides she is done with trying to get pregnant this way. She only wants to have a baby with a man that she loves. She cries on Mariah’s shoulder at the thought of possibly never being a mother.

Phyllis visits Nick to offer consolation. Nick tells her that he doesn’t understand some of the things Chelsea did. Why did she say in her letter that she was taking Christian and then leave him behind? Phyllis tells him that she probably didn’t want to face a kidnapping charge. Sharon tries to call Nick while Phyllis is visiting but Phyllis heads off the call. She doesn’t want Sharon to tell Nick about Christian’s paternity.

Phyllis goes to the hospital to fill Sharon in on what has happened with Chelsea and to get her to shut up about Christian. Sharon really wants to tell Nick the truth but Phyllis begs her to let Nick have some happiness after just losing Chelsea and Connor.

Hilary and Devon bicker again about the direction of the show and she ends up quitting. Devon tells her that she will be breaking her contract if she quits and walks out.

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