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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 2/27/2018

Sharon Just Couldn’t Keep Her Mouth Shut

Mariah and Sharon go back to Crimson Lights for the first time since Sharon was hit over the head. Sharon is a little upset to be there. She has to clean up the crime scene. Mariah can’t understand why Sharon doesn’t hate Chelsea. Sharon has a hard time blaming Chelsea because she was the only one who gave Sharon a chance and a job when she was going through hard times.

Phyllis is brainstorming with Billy. She is trying to find blackmail material against Sharon so that she can make Sharon keep her mouth shut about who Christian’s father really is.

Victor expresses concern to Nikki that Nick won’t let him see Christian.

J.T. gets a letter from Mac’s attorney.  She is demanding sole custody of their children. Victoria encourages J.T. to talk to Mac about it. J.T. finally tells Victoria that Mac is doing this because he is living with her.

Nikki visits with Nick and tries to convince him to move back to the ranch. She tells him that he can have Abby’s house since she is in Paris now. Nick doesn’t want to be Victor’s tenant though.

Victor drops in on Phyllis and Billy. He thanks her for warning him about Chelsea taking the boys and leaving town. He asks Phyllis to help convince Nick to let Victor be a part of Christian’s life. When he leaves, Billy and Phyllis are furious that Victor would demand her help.

Phyllis stops by to see Sharon to make sure she is still keeping the secret but can tell that Sharon is still planning to tell Nick.

Nikki asks Victoria to bring Katie, Johnny, and Reed over to visit with Victor so that he won’t miss Christian and Connor so much. Then Nikki and Victoria chat about the J.T. and Mac situation. Victoria wants to call Mac to straighten things out but Nikki advises her not to. When Nikki leaves, Victoria calls Mac and leaves her a message to call her back so they can discuss things, mother to mother. When J.T. gets home and finds out that Victoria told Reed about the custody battle, he gets mad that Victoria is interfering in his business.

Nick drops by the coffeehouse to check on Sharon. Phyllis is still there with her too and tries to convince Nick that Sharon needs to go home and that she’s not well, because she is afraid that Sharon is going to tell him. Phyllis tries to shove her out of the coffeehouse and away from Nick, but Sharon blurts out that she can’t keep this lie from Nick and tells him that he’s not Christian’s father, Adam is. Nick is shocked.

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