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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 2/5/2018

Will Chelsea’s Secret Be Exposed?

Nick tells Chelsea that he is going to build a playground at the apartment building with the money that Chelsea donated.

Phyllis notices that Nikki comes downstairs at the Club wearing the same clothes she was wearing yesterday. Nikki rejects her shaming and refuses to take moral advice from Phyllis.

Ashley welcomes Victoria back to the office after her trip to Paris to check on Brash and Sassy. Victoria tells Ashley that she saw her meeting with Lily and wants to know what she’s up to. Ashley tells her that she is too busy for petty squabbles and back stabbing.

Chelsea disagrees with Phyllis and Lauren about going public with news about the Chelsea 2.0 scam. Lauren tells them that J.T. has a lead on figuring out who Alexandra West is. J.T. tells the ladies that the person using the name Alexandra West is using a dead woman’s social security number. He recommends they go to Paul and get a warrant to get the bank video camera footage. Chelsea encourages Lauren to let this go since it would be bad for her brand.

Cane finds out that J.T. is moonlighting for Fenmore’s  and is angry that he’s working for them and not exclusively for Chancellor.

Mariah tells Sharon she thinks Tessa is homeless and living in Devon’s office. Mariah asks Nick if there are any units available in the low income building that he is re-habbing.  Nick and Sharon don’t think it’s a good idea for her to live there, but Mariah pushes hard for it. Nick agrees to rent to her. Tessa is very grateful to Mariah.

J.T. brings lunch to Victoria at her office. He vents to her about how unhappy he is working for Cane. Victoria tells him that he should come work at Newman instead. She said that their head of security just turned in his notice and J.T. would be perfect for the job. J.T. wants to think about it.

Phyllis stops in at Crimson Lights. Sharon asks how the investigation into Chelsea 2.0 is going.  Phyllis tells her how it’s going and Sharon tells her that it sure is good timing that Nick and Chelsea found a stash of cash in their wall during their renovation, to help cover some of Chelsea’s losses.  Phyllis’s ears perk up and she is instantly suspicious.

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