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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 2/6/2018

Phyllis Closes in on Chelsea

Phyllis is investigating the Chelsea 2.0 theft on her own and tells Billy that she has a primary suspect, Chelsea. Billy thinks Phyllis is wrong, but Phyllis insists that it makes sense with Chelsea’s criminal past.

Nick comes home while Chelsea is looking at her secret bank account online. Nick wants to look at fixtures for his apartment building and reaches for Chelsea’s laptop, but she avoids discovery by telling him that her battery is almost dead.

Devon, Mariah, and Tessa are talking in his office when hurricane Hilary storms in complaining that she doesn’t have a designated parking spot! Then she complains that she still doesn’t have an office at the Hamilton-Winters group. Devon offers to let her share his office for now. Devon takes Tessa, Mariah, and Hilary to The Top of the Tower for a team building exercise. He wants their ideas for making the best of their partnership. Noah sees them, yells at Tessa, and takes a swing at Devon in a drunken stupor.

Ashley and Jack avoid each other while both working from home. Traci comes home to find the 2 of them fighting and tries to referee. Suddenly they have a video chat from Dina. Traci answers it, but Dina doesn’t recognize her, and asks to speak with Ashley or “Jacky”.  Traci is devastated that their mother doesn’t remember her. Traci encourages Ashley to fix things with Jack, while Billy tells Jack that he needs to fix things for the sake of his sisters.

Phyllis shows up at Nick and Chelsea’s apartment and wants to talk more about the Chelsea 2.0 theft. Chelsea tries to blow her off but Phyllis is relentless, so she grabs her coat and shuffles her out the door so they can go someplace else to talk. Phyllis tells Chelsea that she needs to make all of her employees take lie detector tests and she should go first to lead by example. Chelsea tells her that there is no way she is going to alienate everyone in her entire company, thanks her for her research into the matter, but tells her it’s time to take the loss and move on.

Phyllis shows up at Nick and Chelsea’s door again, and says she thinks that they need to delve further into this. Phyllis is pushing the lie detector angle, and wants to know why Chelsea is not as upset about this theft as she is. Nick walks into the room and hears Phyllis’s suspicions. He asks her to leave but it’s clear that she has planted the seed of doubt in Nick’s mind.

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