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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 2/7/2018

Will Ashley Return to Jabot?

Jack tells Billy that his new mission is to make amends with Ashley and get her back to working for Jabot. Jack sets up a shrine of “Ashley memorabilia” at the Abbott house to show Ashley that he has had a change of heart and wants to repair their family. He begs her to come back to Jabot. He offers to repeal the amendment to the bylaws stating that only a blood Abbott can be CEO. Ashley tearfully forgives him and appreciates the gesture, but says she no longer trusts him and her future is not at Jabot.

Victoria walks into the break room as Ashley is giving directives to Lily about some product and sales research. Victoria tells Lily that she won’t have time for that as the brand ambassador for Dare. Ashley and Victoria have a power struggle and Ashley declares her intention to one day be CEO of Newman.

Chelsea vents to Nick about how irritated she is with Phyllis for accusing her of being the mastermind behind the Chelsea 2.0 scam. Nick tells her that Phyllis just wants answers, but he stands behind Chelsea in this fight.

Hilary demands that Charlie goes to pick up her dry cleaning since he is an intern at Hamilton-Winters.

Phyllis enlists Hilary in her mission to expose Chelsea. Then she sets up a meeting with Jordan under the guise of offering him a job with Fenmore’s. During the meeting, Phyllis asks him if he and Chelsea are up to their old scamming tricks again. Jordan gets angry and tries to leave, but Hilary rushes over to tell him that if he doesn’t answer Phyllis’s questions, she will press charges for the nude pictures that he posted of her awhile ago. Jordan tells them that he had nothing to do with the Chelsea 2.0 scam but Chelsea has the skills to have done it. But he questions why Chelsea would do that since she already has a hefty bank account. Phyllis is sure she is right about Chelsea and she’s not going to stop until she proves it.

J.T. calls Billy to invite Billy and Phyllis to dinner. Then he calls Nick and Chelsea to invite them. Nick wants to go to show his support of J.T. and Victoria’s relationship.

Victoria talks to Victor about Ashley overstepping her job title. Victor tells her not to worry about it, but to watch out for any traps that Ashley might set for her.

Lily meets with Nikki to talk about what’s going on at Newman between Ashley and Victoria. Nikki meets with Victor later to tell him about her conversation with Lily. Victor basically tells her that he’s happy about the tension between Ashley and Victoria because Victoria performs better with someone “nipping at her heels” and he’s trying to toughen her up to be CEO someday.

Jordan texts Chelsea to tell her that Phyllis just grilled him. Chelsea meets him at the coffee house to discuss it.

Everyone shows up for the dinner party at J.T. and Victoria’s and it’s extremely uncomfortable when Phyllis and Chelsea see each other. They make nice during dinner but start fighting with each other during after dinner coffee. The party quickly breaks up and everyone goes home. J.T. and Victoria have a quiet moment together and are grateful that they are in a good place. J.T. accepts the head of security position at Newman.

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