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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 2/8/2018

Who is the Mystery Person that Knows What Chelsea has Done?

Chelsea accuses Phyllis of sending her the threatening text that she received and Phyllis denies it. Phyllis tells her that someone else must have it out for her. She also says that she is going to protect Nick by exposing the truth and that Chelsea better watch her back.

Nick stops in at Crimson Lights for coffee. He and Sharon discuss Phyllis’s accusation against Chelsea. Sharon tells Nick that if he is getting a vibe about this, he should trust it.

Ashley and Victoria bicker some more over Ashley’s position at Newman while waiting in Victoria’s office for Lily to arrive for a Brash and Sassy meeting.

Cane, Billy, and J.T. meet at the Athletic Club. J.T. lets them know that he has accepted a position at Newman. Cane is perturbed and tells J.T. to never come to him for a favor ever again.

Chelsea talks to Sharon about why Phyllis is out to get her. She proposes the theory that maybe Phyllis is jealous of Chelsea because she’s with Nick. Sharon tells her not to care what Phyllis does or says, since she has nothing to hide and has Nick’s full support. Sharon’s face shows a little suspicion though.

Phyllis talks to Billy about how Chelsea accused her of sending her threatening texts. They wonder why Chelsea seems to be panicking when she used to be a great con-artist. Billy is worried that Phyllis could be in danger if she gets too involved in this investigation.

Chelsea arrives home to find Nick hanging out with Christian. Nick asks her about her day and about Phyllis and she tells him that she just wants to enjoy family time and not talk about her day. Nick gets paged by Arturo, the contractor , but before leaving, asks Chelsea if he can take her out to dinner tonight.  After Nick leaves, Chelsea tells Christian that everything she is doing is for Connor and Christian. Then she gets another mystery text saying “It will all be over soon”.

Victoria hijacks Ashley’s Newman Press release photo shoot, by announcing J.T.’s return to Newman and introducing him to the press. Another power play by Victoria. Ashley takes control back when she tells the photographer to get a picture of her and J.T., the 2 new faces at Newman. After the photo shoot, Ashley tells Devon not to publish any pictures of Victoria. He agrees as a favor to her, but warns her about Victor pitting Ashley and Victoria against each other.

J.T. gives Victoria an infinity necklace to celebrate their former wedding anniversary.

Nick is waiting at the Athletic Club for Chelsea to show up for their dinner. Chelsea is running late because she is at Adam’s memorial site. She finds a fresh flower there and looks around before pulling a screwdriver out of her pocket. She hears a noise behind her, turns around and is shocked by whatever she sees, saying “Oh my God!” Who is there? Could it be Adam? Victor?

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