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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 2/9/18

Does Nick Finally Suspect Chelsea?

Sharon is the mystery person who startled Chelsea at the cemetery. She tells Chelsea that after stopping to visit Cassie’s grave, she decided to visit Adam’s grave. Chelsea and Sharon reminisce about Adam for a few minutes, then Chelsea asks for some time alone. When Sharon leaves, Chelsea unscrews the faceplate on Adam’s memorial and is surprised to find that the stacks of cash she had put there, were gone.

Hilary and Phyllis walk up to Nick’s table at the Club and ask him where Chelsea is. He tells them not to start in on Chelsea and they leave. Nick calls Noah over to his table and Noah unleashes on him. He’s upset that Nick is allowing Tessa to live in the low income apartment building that he owns.

Devon stops in to see Victor at his office to let him know that Noah was drunk and creating a scene at the Top of the Tower the night before.

Victoria arrives at home and J.T. gives her another gift, a dress for Valentine’s Day. Victoria is distracted by work and it comes between them again. After awhile, Victoria comes downstairs in the new dress and apologizes to J.T. for being too wrapped up in work. After some conversation, J.T. suggests that he and Victoria make their relationship more official. Victoria says that if he’s proposing, she would have to turn him down. She just doesn’t want to rush into marriage.

Hilary confides in Phyllis that she is stressing over every little thing, wondering if she could be pregnant by now. She is also wondering if the unknown father of the child that she might be carrying is a psychopath.

Chelsea finally shows up for her dinner with Nick. They make small talk for a few minutes but then Chelsea receives a text, makes an excuse, and takes off again. The text said, “Did you have a nice visit with Christian’s real father?” Who else knows that Nick isn’t Christian’s real father?

Victor interrogates Noah about what happened at the Top of the Tower. Noah apologizes and says it won’t happen again. Victor tells him to start acting stronger, like his aunt Victoria, rather than being weak, like Nick.

At the coffee house, Sharon and Nick discuss the Noah situation. In conversation, Sharon tells him that she bumped into Chelsea at Adam’s grave marker in the cemetery. Nick seems bothered that Chelsea didn’t tell him that she went there.

Nick heads back to the Club to talk to Phyllis about Chelsea. He wants to know what facts Phyllis has. Phyllis asks him what he thinks of the threatening text that Chelsea received but Nick didn’t even know about it. Nick and Phyllis can’t figure out what Chelsea’s motive would be. They decide to go to the cemetery to see if Chelsea might be meeting someone there. Phyllis notices that Adam’s stone is crooked.

Chelsea runs into Victor’s office to tell him that someone knows about Christian’s paternity. Victor promises to make sure nobody finds out. Then he dumps a sack of cash on the desk in front of Chelsea and tells her she must have misplaced it. Chelsea is shocked. How did Victor know about the cash in Adam’s grave?

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