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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 3/1/2018

Why is Anita Back in Town?

After Nick finds out and verifies that he is not Christian’s biological father, he packs up to move out of Chelsea’s apartment. He throws away a family picture that included Chelsea.

Nikki summons Phyllis to the ranch to talk to her about why she knew that Chelsea had run off with the boys. She thanks Phyllis for warning them about Chelsea. Phyllis says that she did it for Nick and she would do it again. During their conversation, Phyllis reveals that Victor knew about Chelsea defrauding Fenmore’s and even helped cover her tracks. Nikki is surprised and furious.

Mac calls J.T. because she’s angry that Victoria called her. J.T. is angry that Victoria continues to interfere.

While at the coffeehouse, Paul runs into J.T. and wants to know if he has made progress in finding evidence against Victor. He is unhappy that J.T. hasn’t provided any information yet.

Victor visits Nick and Christian at the apartment. Nick tells Victor that he has to move because the apartment makes him remember and miss Chelsea. Nick empathizes with Victor for missing his grandsons and knows that he will want to spend time with Christian. Victor asks him to reconsider moving back to the ranch. Victor doesn’t mind Nick keeping his distance as long as he has access to his grandson. Nick agrees that it’s important for Christian to have his grandparents in his life.

J.T. goes home to talk to Victoria about calling Mac and ends up rummaging through her paperwork and looking at her open laptop when Victoria goes to make tea. She walks back into the room and wants to know what he is doing. J.T. claims that he was just looking for his ipad which was under Victoria’s things.

Sharon texts Nick to make sure he’s ok. He shows up at Crimson Lights to assure her that he’s ok. She says she can tell that he’s not sleeping and tells him to talk to her. Nick says that he has a lot of questions that he will never have answers to. Phyllis walks in and joins the conversation. Nick tells them that the fact that he isn’t Christian’s biological father doesn’t change the way he feels about him and he will continue to raise his son. He asks Sharon and Phyllis to keep his secret about Christian. Nick is afraid that if Victor found out about Christian, that he would try to take him away from Nick. Little does Nick know, but Victor already knows about Christian.

Nikki confronts Victor about keeping Chelsea’s crime a secret from her and from Nick. Victor explains that he found out about Chelsea, confronted her, and she vowed to stop her crimes. He didn’t want to take it public. Nikki understands but is angry that he didn’t feel the need to tell her.

Someone rings Nick’s doorbell. He answers the door to find Anita, Chelsea’s mother. She claims she found out from the tv that Chelsea left Nick. She acts like she is concerned about Nick and Christian but Nick doesn’t believe her. He asks what she wants. She explains that Chelsea used to send her money and she needs some. Nick tells her to get out but Anita pulls out a thumb drive that she claims she received from Chelsea and tells Nick that for $25,000, she will give it to him. He tells her that he doesn’t have that kind of money anymore but she tells him to find it somewhere.

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