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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 3/2/2018

You Won’t Believe Where Nick Decides to Live

Nick tells Anita that he doesn’t have $25,000 to give her for the memory stick but he has a counter offer. He offers to give Anita Chelsea’s engagement ring as payment. She begrudgingly accepts the ring, gives Nick the thumb drive, and leaves.

Victoria brings tea to J.T. in their living room to smooth things over, but he is still angry that she interfered in his custody battle. J.T. is upset with her because of her need to control everything. Victoria storms out and leaves for work. Later on, they talk more at the office. They seem to smooth things over but things continue to be tense between them.

Devon and Mariah both ask Hilary why she didn’t show up on time for her show. Hilary won’t say where she was, just that she thought that she would have made it back in time. Devon is so mad that he accepts her previous resignation. He plans to have Mariah host the show alone. Hilary is upset that she and Devon have lost the ability to communicate with each other and storms out of GC Buzz.

Sharon drops in on Nick as he is getting ready to see what Chelsea put on the memory stick. She offers to let Nick and Christian move in with her. He thanks her but says that he needs to figure this out on his own.

Nick watches the video that Chelsea made for Christian. In the video she explains how Adam is his father, that he has a half brother named Connor, and that she truly loved Nick. Nick watches the video in tears.

A young girl walks into GC Buzz looking for Hilary. She tells Devon that Hilary has been mentoring her and when her brother overdosed, Hilary went to the hospital with the girl and helped her talk to the doctors. Hilary is also paying for the brother’s rehab. The look on Devon’s face shows that he has just realized that he made a big mistake by letting Hilary go. Devon goes to look for Hilary and finds her at the bar at the Athletic Club. He talks to her about meeting “Shawna”, the girl Hilary is mentoring. Hilary said she just wanted to do something good and not try to get credit for it, so that’s why she didn’t tell Devon. Devon accepts Hilary back into his company, but says that he doesn’t want to have a personal relationship with her.

Jack and Ashley are at home toasting each other’s successes at work, when they get a video call from Dina. She is scared and alone in a train station in Paris. She doesn’t know where she is and is begging Jack for help. Jack and Ashley hug each other as they worry about how they are going to find Dina.

Nick finds Sharon at the coffeehouse and tells her about the video that Chelsea left for them. Then he says that he thinks it would be really good for Christian if they moved in with Sharon for awhile. She is excited and says they can move in tonight.

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