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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 3/5/2018

Will Jack and Victoria Get Ashley Fired?

Nick and Christian arrive at Sharon’s to move in. Faith gives Nick a big hug and is thrilled to have her family together. Mariah asks Nick where he’s going to move after he stays at Sharon’s for awhile, reminding everyone that this is a temporary arrangement. Sharon bends over backward to get them settled in. Mariah asks Sharon if she has any expectations of this arrangement other than just helping a friend. Sharon insists that she is just helping a friend.

Ashley speaks with Abby for an update on Dina. The authorities are looking for her now. Dina’s nurse left her for just a second to ask the porter at the train station for help with their bags. Jack and Ashley brainstorm some ideas of where they might find Dina. Abby texts to tell them the authorities think that she could have taken a train to anywhere in Europe. Jack and Ashley are distraught from the Dina situation and hug each other.

When an article is published showing that Jack had some insider information about Newman, Victoria tells Victor that she suspects Ashley of being a spy. Victor asks J.T. to investigate.

Mariah bumps into Phyllis at the coffeehouse. Phyllis asks her if she knows where Nick is. Mariah hesitates to tell her but then decides that it’s a good idea to tell her because Phyllis might be able to talk some sense into Nick.

Phyllis drops in on Nick at Sharon’s house. She tries to convince him that it’s a bad idea to live at Sharon’s but he doesn’t listen. Phyllis calls Victoria to let her know and asks her to try to convince Nick that it’s a bad idea.

J.T. breaks into Jack’s office at Jabot, looking for proof that Ashley gave inside information to Jack. He finds the file that Victoria actually gave to Jack. Victoria and J.T. call Victor to tell them they have proof of Ashley’s deception and that he needs to fire Ashley.

Dina turns up in London and some good Samaritans help her to call Jack and Ashley, who are extremely relieved. Jack packs up to go to London to bring their mother home.

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