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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 3/6/2018

Will Victoria’s Plan Backfire?

Nikki finds out that Nick and Christian are living at Sharon’s. She goes to Sharon’s to confront her about her motives for having Nick move in. Over tea, Sharon tries to assure Nikki that she’s just trying to give Nick a safe place to heal.

Billy tells Nick that he knows about Christian’s paternity and gives him a pep talk about how lucky he is to be able to raise Christian, since his own daughter Delia is dead. He also promises that he will never tell anyone else about Christian.

Victor implies to Ashley that he might have heard some gossip about her. He takes her out to lunch and asks her how her sensitive Newman documents ended up in Jack’s desk drawer at Jabot. Ashley tells Victor that she has been set up by Victoria. She explains that she has seen Jack and Victoria with their heads together. Victor tells her that he will have to investigate further to find out what is going on.

Victoria is sad because the results of their company survey came back and most people have an unfavorable opinion of her.

Back at Newman, Victor tells Victoria that he hasn’t fired Ashley yet because they don’t have all of the facts, and that he will be investigating further.

Hilary continues to try to get back in Devon’s good graces, but he continues to keep her at arm’s length and just have a business relationship. She finally blurts out that she wants him to be the father of her child. She tells him that he has all of the qualities that she wants her future child to have. Devon tells her that their relationship is too complicated for that. He only wants to have a child with someone who he is in a relationship with. He gives her a flat no and Hilary gets angry.

Ashley drops by Victoria’s house to confront her about setting her up. She tells Victoria that she will cheer when Victor’s investigation proves that Victoria is lying. J.T. also overhears the conversation so now he knows too. J.T. is upset that Victor doesn’t believe Victoria and encourages her to stand up to Victor.

Nikki tells Victor about Nick’s living arrangement. Victor thinks it’s not a bad idea though because at least he’s living on the ranch where they can keep an eye on him.

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