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The Young and the Restless Recap 1/25/2018

Noah Finally Learns the Truth

Cane and Lily are having their morning coffee when Sam’s nanny texts to say she’s sick. Lily offers to help. She makes arrangements to work from home so that she can care for Sam. Hilary stops by Cane and Lily’s house and finds a frazzled Lily trying to console a crying baby. Hilary holds the baby and calms him. Lily tells her that she’s struggling because every time she sees Sam, she is reminded of Cane’s affair with Juliet, and she doesn’t know if she’ll ever get past it. Hilary tells Lily that she really admires her for being willing to raise her husband’s mistress’s baby, and she is confident that Lily will grow to love him.

Victoria is busily working from home, while J.T. tries to distract her, without success. He ends up storming out and slamming the front door.

At the Abbott house, Jack and Ashley are getting ready for the day. They ask each other if they have heard anything from their attorneys about the arbitrator’s decision. Later on, the verdict is in and Jack wins control of Jabot. Ashley hears the celebration in Jack’s office and reluctantly joins in. Jack sends everyone away so that he can talk to Ashley alone. He wants to repair their relationship, but Ashley tells him that she’s resigning from Jabot and that she’s done with Jack for good.

Noah and Tessa are having coffee at the Top of the Tower. Noah is grilling her about why she is backing down from Mariah’s threat to sue if she releases the song. Tessa explains it away, saying that she doesn’t want to hurt Devon with a lawsuit. Noah offers to talk to Mariah and Tessa quickly tells him not to do that and to just let this go.

Michael volunteers free legal advice to Mariah if she wants it, regarding copyright law. Mariah quickly turns him down and Hilary wants to know why. Mariah tells her to mind her own business. Hilary encourages her to let Tessa have the song and just rake in the money.  Later on, Mariah overhears Hilary on the phone with a prospective buyer of GC Buzz. Mariah asks Hilary why she would sell and Hilary tells her that she needs to secure her finances for the future of the baby that she’s planning to have.

Noah goes to Victoria for advice about Tessa and Mariah. He knows how important music is to Tessa and can’t understand why she isn’t fighting for her new song. Victoria advises Noah to talk to Mariah. Noah finds Mariah and asks her if she will drop her threat to sue and let Tessa have the song for his sake, if she won’t do it for Tessa. When Mariah says no, Noah asks if he can read Mariah’s journal to see that Tessa actually stole her words. Mariah finally gives in and gives Noah her journal to read. Noah reads a few pages of the journal and suddenly knows about the kiss between Tessa and Mariah. He storms out of GC Buzz.

J.T. vents to Cane about his frustration over Victoria putting her career first, just like she did when they were married.  Cane advises him to go fix things with Victoria. J.T. goes home to apologize to Victoria for getting upset earlier. Victoria apologizes for not taking a few minutes for him that morning. J.T. plays “their song” on his phone and they dance together.

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